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How should I handle Dental anxiety?

How to Handle your Dental Anxiety

Do you feel anxiety before going to the dentist?  There are many reasons one may become anxious before or during their appointment such as the anticipation of pain, the cost of the procedure, past negative experiences, or even the sterile smell of the office.  There are several methods that may help you relieve some of the stress that occurs with dental visits such as avoiding caffeine before your dental appointment, which may increase your heart rate, and eating foods high in protein which can have a calming effect.  Nervousness causes people to hold their breath which decreases oxygen levels, so during the procedure concentrate on breathing regularly and slowly.  Most importantly speak to the dentist about your fears.  You can be assured that the staff here is able to inform you of what to expect and answer any of the questions you may have to ensure your confidence and comfort during your visit.  Our main goal is to give you the best individual treatment we can, and knowing how you feel will better enable us to do so.

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